Stove Top Spotify Playlist Placement (13, 000+ Followers)

Stove Top Spotify Playlist Placement (13, 000+ Followers)

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If you make Rap music and need promotion for your Spotify tracks, we offer placement on our "Stove Top" Spotify playlist. Our playlist has over 10,000+ followers and is growing everyday.   

 Why buy Spotify Playlist Placement?

Buying placement on a Spotify playlist helps you in two ways. The first being your track will be able to generate streams more easily, since anyone who is listening to the playlist on shuffle, may come across your song. 


Spotify's algorithm

Second, Spotify's algorithm favors artists whose songs are in a lot of people's playlists. This can result in you being recommend to regular Spotify listeners. 


Disclaimer: A placement on this playlist does not guarantee streams you are paying for a placement not a streaming campaign.

I paid, now what?

After purchasing Spotify playlist placement, please contact us via Instagram @cloutcloudplaylisting, and send us your song link, so that we can add it to the playlist.